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The catalogue covers a considerable part of our photo files. It contains low resolution digital images grouped according to the topics and regions. You can see the map of the catalogue if you click on the ‘Browse the images’ link (only images taken before 2011).

All the photos are meticulously captioned and the caption contains: keywords, common and scientific name of the species, locality (country, region, national or landscape park, nature reserve), date, size and resolution of the downloadable digital file.

Note! that unfortunately kewording has not been updated for a long time (due to the lack of human resources...). However, common and scientific name of the species as well as locality are always up-to-date.

If you want to search images use the ‘Quick search’ field (on the left above the menu) or click on the ‘search the images’ link. Found images are sorted by date.

The catalogue contains only a fraction of the photographic works we have available! If you do not find the images you need - please contact us and send us a list of your picture requirements.

Options available after you have signed in:

You can collect all found images in the basket. They will stay there until you send the order or remove them yourself.
The number next to the 'Basket' link indicates the number of images in the basket.

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Choose this option if you want to order images collected in the basket.

Save order
This option creates the RTF file on your local hard drive. The file contains a table with all selected images and their captions.

Download big images

This option enables download of high resolution images directly from our server. They are prepared as soon as the order is completed and the terms of the license are fixed.
It is also possible to have free and unlimited access to all our big images.