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2002-11-08 On-line Catalogue update
We added larger preview scans: 200x300 px - there were only 100x150 scans before. It is now much easier to browse and assess the pictures.
2002-10-05 News in our photo files
Some new photos in our files: Polish regions: Janow Forest, Zulawy Wislane, Bieszczady Mts., Roztocze, Polesie, Podlasie, Tuchola Forest Polish cities: Bydgoszcz, Inowroclaw, Kruszwica, Strzelno, Pelplin, Gniew, Ciechocinek, Naleczow, Jaroslaw, Przeworsk, Grudziadz, Malbork, Gdansk, Torun, Sandomierz, Warszawa etc. Europe: S Norway. Animals: puffin, lynx, bear, polecat etc. You will be able to look at some of those images as soon as they are added to our on-line catalogue (which will happen soon...).
2002-06-26 News in the On-line Catalogue
The On-line Catalogue was finally updated and 500 new images were added along with english kewords. Have a look!
2002-02-19 header
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