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2006-04-18 News in the on-line catalogue
800 new photos in the on-line catalogue, including:

- bird's eye viewof the Bialowieza Forest and Bialowieza village in autumn colours
- Wigry NP in autumn
- Suwalki Landscape Park in autumn
- Krakow city (bugler in St. Mary's Church, Jewish District - Kazimierz)
- Krakow vicinity: castle in Tenczynek, castle in Pieskowa Skala, Ojcow NP
- European bison in autumn
- birds: tawny owl, goshawk, raven, jay, yellowhammer, tree sparrow, great spotted woodpecker, tits
- skiing in the Beskidy mountains
- winter in the Bieszczady Mts., ski-touring in the Bieszczady
- fossils
- studio shots of fruit
- new plants
2005-12-18 New photos in the on-line catalogue
500 new images, including landscapes and towns from: Masuria, Kashubia, Bialowieza Forest, Krakow, Czestochowa and Beskid Slaski Mts.
2005-08-24 Our second book has just been published
"Plants of Poland. Illustrated encyklopaedia from A to Z" - this is our newest book which has just been published (only in Polish). Apart from the text we are also the authors of all the images in the book. Have a look at it here: http://www.najlepszyprezent.pl/index.php?akcja=book&id=9788373419827
2005-06-01 New photos in the On-line Catalogue
296 new photos including birds: starling and nightjar, Drohiczyn city and autumn in the Bialowieza Forest.