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2005-04-19 New photos in the On-line catalogue
642 new images: landscapes: Poland: Bialowieza Forest, Biebrza Marshes, Wigry Lake, Masuria, Suwalki region cities and towns: Lomza, Mragowo, Nowogrod, Czarnolas, Pisz, Mordy, Grabarka, Jaglowo, Kopytkowo, Ransk, Ruciane-Nida, Siedlce, Siemiatycze, Suchowola, Wodzilki and many others
2005-03-18 Article and photos in "Travels" magazine
In 3/2005 issue of the Polish travel magazine "Travels" ("Podróże" in Polish) our paper on Estonia along with our photos was published.
2005-02-27 New photos in the On-line Catalogue
We have just added 1351 photos. Among them you will find new images from Podlasie, Vilnius (Lithuania) and a lot of older photos that we finally managed to scan.
2004-11-22 Winter in the Bialowieza Forest
You can see several images which depict winter in the Bialowieza Forest in the 12/2004 "Podróże" Polish travel magazine ("The Travels").